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My name is Claire Louise. I am a palmist and medium with 25 years experience covering all aspects of people's lifes, including the past, present and looking into the future.

I have been psychic since childhood and have a genuine spirit link. I start your reading using your palm which helps me understand more about you and enables me to get a strong energy connection. I then move onto cards which help me understand your present situation and possible future events. Along with the aid of my spirit guides and angels, I will link with the spirit world to pass messages from your loved ones back to you.

If you wish to link with a particular person, I often find that if you bring a personal item belonging to them with you (e.g. a piece of jewellery or a photograph of them for me to hold) this can help me link with their energy to make a stronger connection.

Although I will always endeavour to connect with a particular person, I hope you understand that this is not always possible in every case.